Protecting cats from fleas and ticks

Protecting cats from fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are dangerous to cats. Parasites not only cause severe itching, dermatitis but also carry deadly diseases – encephalitis, borreliosis, etc. If you do not want to prematurely lose your pet, take care of the cat’s protection from ticks and fleas in time.

Jack Russell Terrier feeding guide

How to feed your Jack Russell Terrier?

Jack Russell Terrier belongs to hunting breeds, which are increasingly acquired for decorative purposes. These dogs are popular because of their cheerful disposition, friendliness, activity, and small size. Let’s figure out what to feed and how to choose food for such a dog.

How to brush your cat's teeth

How to brush your cat’s teeth

Brushing a cat’s teeth is an important hygienic procedure that will help prevent tooth decay, gum inflammation, and remove odor from the mouth. Today we will talk about means for cleaning teeth in cats, how to carry out the procedure correctly.

Protection of dogs' paws from reagents

Paw protection for dogs

Winter walks bring a lot of pleasure to the owner and the dog, but the cold period is fraught with great danger to the pet. For comfortable movement of people, sidewalks are sprinkled with reagents or road salt, which is absolutely safe for humans, but critical for unprotected pads of animals. The problem is relevant for residents of large cities. For owners with the first snow, the question of how to protect the dog’s paws from reagents comes first.

Cloudy water in an aquarium

Why does the fish tank water becomes cloudy?

This problem can be encountered by both novice aquarists and experienced fish breeders. Muddy water in a fish tank is dangerous: it makes both fish and plants sick. What to do?
First of all, you should not panic and refuse to breed fish. You can get rid of cloudy water once and for all if you approach the problem thoughtfully and seriously. Let us find out why the water ceases to be transparent.

Allergies to cats but not dogs

Allergies in cats: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Allergies in cats are one of the most common problems. It manifests itself as itching, sneezing, tearing, baldness. In severe cases, severe edema, coma, death is possible. Today we will talk about why an allergic reaction occurs in cats, how it manifests itself, how to treat it.

What to do if a Yorkie refuses to eat?

What to do if a Yorkie refuses to eat?

Yorkshire Terrier – a miniature dog weighing about 3 kilograms – the most popular four-legged pet living as a full member of the family in many homes. Every responsible owner worries about keeping playful adorable dogs. Going to veterinarians, reading literature, chatting on Internet forums – and it seems that everything is known about the animal. But it still happens that the doggie becomes lethargic, apathetic, turns away from the usual, previously loved food. The owners are sounding the alarm. What do you do when your Yorkie won’t eat? How to solve this problem?

how do fish sleep?

How do fish sleep?

There is a difference between the state of sleep and wakefulness. An animal in consciousness is characterized by brain activity and awareness. When the body enters sleep, many of its reactions slow down.