How to feed a Sphynx cat?

How to feed a Sphynx cat?

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The unusual breed of Sphynx leaves no one indifferent: some are shocked by the appearance of a hairless cat, and some are delighted. Without exception, all representatives of the breed are unusual in appearance, they are strong and muscular, have a special head structure. There are several varieties of sphynx cats, but all of them are practically devoid of hair, for which they are called “naked” or “naked cat”. Due to the need to maintain a normal body temperature, Sphynx cats move a lot, and high energy costs determine the love of food. We will find out what and how to feed the sphynx cat correctly, what kind of food is better for them than others.

Adult naked sphynx nutrition

The most widespread are two varieties of the breed: the Don, completely devoid of wool, and the Canadian Sphynx, whose appearance of hairlessness is created by very short hairs that feel like velvet. Feeding is based on general principles and rules inherent in a particular style of feeding.

Dry formulations

Prepared food is convenient for the breeder and good for the pet. The industrial composition is already balanced, contains the necessary nutrients and useful components in its composition.

When deciding to feed the Sphynx cat with a dry composition, it is necessary to take into account a number of rules for organizing ingredient:

  • It is important to know the current state – pregnancy, illness, castration;
  • Industrial food should be selected in accordance with the age group of the animal (for kittens, adults, elderly individuals);
  • Preference should be given to super-premium food, holistic food that meets high-quality standards. It is better not to buy economical food;
  • The amount of food is calculated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for a specific product;
  • Except for dry food, nothing can be given to the animal, the system should be chosen exclusively one – either industrial dry mixes or natural nutrition;
  • Feed correctly in portions, lowering the feed for half an hour, after which, removing the leftovers. It is not recommended to pour in the entire daily rate at once and not take the bowl. This violates the principles of portioning and diet, and the food itself in the open air loses its taste and aroma for the whole day;
  • An adult hairless cat that eats dry food requires a lot of free water. The calculation of the required volume is made at a ratio of 1 to 3 (for 50 grams of food – 150 ml of fresh, clean water).

The main question of all owners of Canadian Sphynx is what kind of food to feed the cat? It is worth choosing among the most high-quality ones today:

  • Orijen Cat & kitty is a holistic product. It is based on chicken, turkey, chicken liver, herring, salmon, pollock, eggs, chicken fat, apples, carrots, pumpkin, peas, turnips, spinach, blueberries, chicory root, peppermint, a complex of vitamins and minerals. Used for kittens and adults;
  • ACANA (Akana) Grasslands for Cat’s – grain-free food for cats and small kittens. Ingredients: duck, lamb, lamb liver, salmon and herring flour, lentils, fats (herring, duck, lamb), cranberries, alfalfa, pumpkin, apples, carrots. For additional beneficial effects on the state of the body, among the ingredients are chamomile, dandelion extract, chicory root, dried kelp algae;
  • Royal Canin Sphynx Adult (Royal Kanin) – food created especially for adult sphinxes (over one-year-old). Main ingredients: poultry meat, animal and fish oil, rice, wheat, tomato, and beet pulp, borage oil, marigold extract. The composition is additionally enriched with Omega 3 and 6 complexes for the health of the sphynx cat’s skin.

When giving an animal a new type of food, the breeder needs to monitor the reaction of his body. Signs of an allergic reaction, indigestion and sweat glands may increase. If these symptoms occur, it is necessary to select a different food.

Sphynx Cat with tattoo
Sphynx Cat with tattoo

Natural food for sphynx

The natural diet of an adult Sphynx cat should consist of fresh, quality products. An example menu looks like this:

  • fresh meat or minced meat. Beef, chicken, turkey meat, as well as offal (hearts, stomachs), are suitable, if desired, they can be doused with boiling water. Meat component – 60% of the daily diet;
  • fermented milk products (cottage cheese, cheese, low-fat sour cream, fermented baked milk) – a fifth of the daily diet;
  • cereals (all cereals besides rolled oats, you should also avoid peas, beans), necessarily boiled in water;
  • vegetables in raw or boiled grated form;
  • boiled eggs or raw yolk – no more than 2 pieces per week;
  • special treats. You should not lean on them, their share should not exceed 1% of the daily menu.

Prohibited foods that should not be given to sphinxes include:

  • bones of a bird, fish (a sphynx cat can damage the organs of the digestive tract with fragments of tubular elements);
  • pork, lamb, ducks, geese – fatty meats, can be infected with helminths;
  • fresh river fish;
  • pasta, bakery products;
  • sweets, cakes, buns, etc. Chocolate often leads to poisoning, if consumed in large quantities, even to death;
  • smoked meats, fatty, fried, spicy, canned, other food from the table;
  • potatoes (starch is poorly digested in the digestive tract of cats, causing fermentation processes);
  • foods with salt and spices;
  • fresh milk (like most other breeds, sphinxes do not absorb lactose biologically well, and such a treat can turn into a disorder).

Getting such an exotic cat for yourself, you need to understand that this is a unique, artificially bred breed, and the sphynx cat’s digestive system is especially sensitive. Therefore, food from the human table is especially dangerous for him/her.

Feeding a hairless pregnant cat

How to feed a pregnant cat is a special question, since this period in a pet’s life requires careful attention from the owner. If the animal eats dry food, then it is necessary to increase the daily amount according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is worth looking for a special composition specifically for pregnant cats – it will be more nutritious and fully satisfy the needs of the animal’s body (many recommend giving mixtures for kittens). Super-premium commercial feed brands:

  • Royal Canin Queen 34 is a highly nutritious food for pregnant sphynx cats. The composition includes special components to maintain normal hormonal levels and the health of the reproductive system (beta-carotene, folic acid, taurine, fatty acids, L-carnitine, etc.);
  • Acana Pacifica – 75% natural protein (fish meat). The remaining amount is plants, vegetables, and fruits. The composition does not contain potatoes, grains, and other components dangerous for a cat.

It is more difficult to build natural food for a pregnant and lactating animal. The most common mistake is that when owners learn about pregnancy, they constantly fill the bowl with food so that the sphynx cat can eat when it wants. Experts recommend abandoning this approach because natural food quickly deteriorates and will not bring anything useful. Therefore, the food should not sit for more than 2 hours. It is also not worth giving up control of the quantity (due to rearrangements, the animal may simply not understand its own needs and overeat).

Feeding the sphynx cat baby

The assortment of stores includes special high-quality food for kittens for up to a year. You can use them, but many experts believe that up to six months at the stage of the formation of the digestive tract, it is better to feed a Canadian Sphynx kitten with a variety of natural foods. So, how to feed a hairless cat baby, depending on age:

  • for the first four to six weeks, newborn babies feed on mother’s milk (if the mother is not there, then the kittens are fed with the help of infant formula);
  • upon reaching two months, milk cereals, mixtures, cottage cheese are introduced into their diet;
  • from three months, the diet is gradually supplemented with boiled chicken meat (fillet, chopped in a blender), lean beef, boiled vegetables, herbs, cheese;
  • starting from 4-5 months, the gradual introduction of high-quality dry food or wet canned food is allowed. Changing your eating habits should be done gradually. Dry formulations are initially soaked in water, partially replacing ordinary food with them. A comfortable transition should take at least a month.

Small kittens should eat frequently. So, up to three months a day there should be 5-7 feedings, about 25 grams of food for each. In the interval up to six months of age – 3-4 feedings of 45 grams. The main rule is to monitor the dynamics of weight gain, adjusting the amount of food based on it.

The best way to feed the Loki Sphynx cat is up to the owner of the animal. When purchasing this unusual breed, it is important to understand that care, choice of eating style will fully determine the well-being, state of health, and life expectancy of the pet.

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