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How to save a tree from a cat ?

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New Year’s Eve days for pets, especially cats, turn out to be the most dangerous, associated with an increased risk of injury. Feline curiosity, carelessness, negligence of the owners lead to accidents. Often, happy days are darkened by situations when an animal is in trouble, he urgently needs veterinary help, without which a lethal outcome cannot be avoided. One of the first in the dangerous row is the New Year’s green fluffy beauty. How to save a Christmas tree from a cat and protect an animal from danger?

What attracts cats to the Christmas tree ?

Unusual spruce sparkling with different lights with many different swinging toys, one has only to touch them with a paw, motley tinsel hanging by threads, sparkling rain, serpentine writhing rings, so entice felines that they not only want to climb the tree but also taste everything. Often animals pick off shiny jewelry and roll them on the floor. And the tree itself is often completely felled.

How to keep pets away from your Christmas tree ?

If you do not want your pet to suffer, and the tree remains intact, you should protect your pet from the possibility of harming yourself, the tree, and the people present in the house. Many happy pet owners are looking for an answer to the question: how to protect the tree from their nosy little friends?

The following steps will help to save the tree from the cat:

  • Choose artificial spruce for decoration. Sharp needles of natural wood can injure the skin, and chewing needles will poison the animal. It is better to purchase a small Christmas tree – there will be few items on it, the damage from broken toys will be small. If you have a small kitten, it is better to buy a small tree.
  • Having decided to put real spruce, you need to install it reliably, stably so that the cat, when climbing on it, cannot loosen and dump it on the floor.
  • The filler for the New Year’s beauty is covered, blocking access to it. If the tree is in a bucket of water, the cat, having drunk it, will be poisoned. The sand poured into the bucket can be scooped out by the animal and the tree will topple over. Often cats use litter as a litter box, and then the smell of feces will float around the room.
  • You can wrap the barrel with aluminum foil – the cat does not like to run its claws into it, which means that it will not be able to climb the tree.
  • A good solution would be a special stable stand, then neither children nor animals can harm themselves or the New Year’s tree. It is better to put the Christmas tree closer to the wall, then there will be additional support next to it, which will hold it when it falls, and will not allow it to roll over.
  • You can fix the tree by fixing it to the ceiling, then it is guaranteed that you will not have to re-dress the spruce, collect the broken ornaments that have rolled out when they fall.
  • The place for installation is chosen away from the shelves, stands, on which the cat can easily jump, will be at the desired goal.
  • It will be good if it will be a separate room that can be closed at night when you cannot follow your pet.
  • Installing a small Christmas tree on a high pedestal, onto which the cat cannot jump.
  • Experienced cat lovers advise not to dress up the tree with all the decorations at once, then the animal is gradually taught to it with the help of a spray bottle. As soon as the cat tries to jump, climbs the tree, directs a stream of water at him, shouting loudly: “No!” The animal will understand that it is forbidden to play in this way.
  • Sprinkling citrus flavors or essential oils on the tree is great. Can be scattered around the peel of oranges, tangerines, lemons. Cats cannot stand the citrus aroma.
  • You can lay cones sprinkled with essential oils around the trunk; walking on them is not convenient, besides, the pungent smell scares away felines.
  • It is better to decorate the Christmas tree outside the presence of pets, which perceive moving toys as a call to play. If the cat is nearby, do not tease, draw her attention to the decorations, encouraging interest.
  • It is better to choose the least attractive toys from the point of view of cats. Bright, sparkling, side-spinning toys are especially interesting for cats.
Cat on Tree
Cat on Tree

What you can’t decorate a Christmas tree if a cat lives in the house ?

As a happy owner of a cat or kitten, you should know that you cannot hang it on the New Year tree, dressing it up for the holiday. The ban includes:

  • Artificial snow is toxic to children and animals.
  • Tinsel, serpentine – a common cause of the death of pets, surgical interventions in the New Year. Eaten rain, getting into the stomach, causes its blockage, intestinal obstruction, cuts, causing perforation, sepsis. The animal will be saved only by expensive surgical intervention, the cost of which not everyone can afford.
  • You cannot decorate the tree with real candles – hitting a suspicious object with its paw, the cat can knock it over, the fire will quickly cover easily flammable decorations and damage housing.
  • Candy, chocolate, toxic to cats, should be hung higher, out of reach of animals.
  • The rain, the most fragile, breakable toys, are placed on the upper branches of the tree, where the pet cannot reach.
  • Care should be taken with electric lights, wires that attract cats. It is better to wrap, fastening them around the trunk, excluding the possibility of gnawing, electric shock. By using cords that cut off the current when damaged, you protect children and animals from injury. Turn off the lights if there are no adults in the room to monitor the situation.
  • When hanging toys, you need to use reliable fasteners: loops, metal hooks. Then the decoration will not be torn from the branch, broken, and eaten.

Despite all precautions, some stubborn cats find an opportunity to climb the tree. If your forest beauty is decorated with safe toys, all precautions with electrical wiring have been followed, the cat does not show interest in sharp pine needles, relax, the pet is not in danger. You can safely prepare and celebrate New Year’s Eve with your pet.

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