Scottish Fold cat feeding guide

Scottish Fold cat feeding guide

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So that the Scottish Fold cat does not have health problems, pay attention to the diet. Nutrition determines whether the pet will be healthy and cheerful. We will tell you what kind of food is better to feed Scottish Fold cats, whether to give homemade food, how to choose a diet for adult pets and small kittens.

Types and classes of feed

This is a relatively new breed that has gained great popularity. The peculiarity of its representatives is the curved tips of the ears. The weight of an adult Scottish Fold is from 3 to 6 kg. Scottish Fold cats are genetically predisposed to diseases of the connective tissues of the paws and tail. They do not require special care, they are distinguished by an agreeable character, pleasant color, and cute appearance.

The menu should contain food prepared from natural meat, then the diet is easy to digest. The feed classes are:

  • Economy class. The basis of the composition is soy, flavor enhancers that cause addiction. There is no meat in the composition, it is replaced by offal. They are absorbed only by half, so the animal is constantly hungry, wants to eat more and more;
  • Premium. In the composition of meat in the first place, its share is 40-50%, by-products and cheap types of meat are used. The percentage of digestibility is higher, natural ingredients are used in the production;
  • Super-premium is released separately for different ages. More than 90% is absorbed because it contains natural meat, vegetables, cereals without flavorings. Minerals, vitamins, energy value are specially selected for Scottish Fold cats of different ages, taking into account the state of health. Are more expensive, less often advertised in the media;  
  • Food “Holistic” for 50% or more consists of the best sorts of meat, does not contain offal. Mineral and vitamin supplements are completely absorbed. The high price is due to natural products and high nutritional value, the Scottish Fold cat eats up a small portion.

The menu can consist of only one food if it is correctly selected in accordance with the characteristics of the animal. An adult cat and a small kitten cannot eat the same. Especially for aging pets, young kittens, pregnant women, a special menu is selected.

Full feed

The menu completely constitutes the daily ratio, without requiring additional additives. This diet is suitable for a Scottish Fold cat of any age. It is advisable to immediately choose one brand without changing it. There is no need to separately select vitamins, supplements, everything you need is already included in the composition.

Complementary feed

On the shelves of the shops of the owner of the Scottish Fold cat, there is a huge variety of food. Pay attention to the recommendations on the packaging. Serious manufacturers tend to put detailed product information on the package.

In addition to complete feed, there are additional ones designed to diversify the pet’s diet. When purchasing, read the composition of the product. Avoid products with vague component descriptions. If the composition contains meat, and not “meat products”, then such food is trustworthy. It is advisable that the manufacturer clarified what kind of meat is used in production. The package contains information about the content of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, the amount of water, included vitamins, microelements. Pay attention to the date of manufacture and expiration dates.

When making a choice, be guided not only by the price but also by the daily consumption rate, the volume of the package. Products from well-known manufacturers are certified, safe for Scottish Folds, but more expensive. Pay attention to the animal’s reaction to the new menu.

Feeding place

Buy separate bowls for water and food. They should be medium in size so that it is more convenient for the Scottish Fold cat to eat, and the food does not spread on the plate. A shallow plate is preferable for wet canned food, and a deep plate for dry food. Choose a bowl made of ceramic, metal, they are easier to care for. The animal can easily overturn plastic dishes, it absorbs odors and is poorly washed. A good bowl will have rubber pads or suction cups at the bottom. When there are several mustachioed pets in the house, they buy a separate set of bowls for each. Separate dishes are not only a hygiene requirement. This approach will help eliminate fights between animals.

What to feed Scottish Fold cat
Scottish Fold cat

Homemade food for Scottish Fold cat

For a Scottish Fold cat, dishes from the master’s table are completely unsuitable. Natural food should be prepared separately, without salt, seasonings, or spices. Banned fried, fatty, flour, chocolate. A loving owner should know what a cat needs for harmonious development, good health, good appetite, and staying active for many years.

The basis of the diet (about half) is meat protein, followed by cereals, cereals, vegetables. Sweet, fatty, spicy foods are completely excluded. An approximate menu looks like this: 140 – 150 grams of protein products (dietary meat, fish, dairy products, eggs), 70 grams of vegetables, fruits, cereals. A healthy animal is able to digest raw fish and meat, the rest of the products are cooked. Natural nutrition requires vitamin supplements, which are best matched with your veterinarian. Animals do not digest lactose well, so do not feed them raw milk. Offer kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese.

Small Scottish Fold kittens have a high energy requirement (about 800 kJ). As they grow older, this need decreases, becoming equal to 330 – 340 kJ. You can independently calculate the calorie content and energy value using special tables in the reference literature. Make sure that the food you cook with your own hands is at room temperature. Please note that preparing homemade food is time-consuming, time-consuming, and energy-consuming. At the same time, try not to spoil the Scottish Fold cat, otherwise, you will get whims and a refusal to eat healthily.

A healthy animal is able to digest raw fish and meat, the rest of the products are cooked.

Exceeding the daily calorie intake, especially when living in an apartment, leads to obesity, so do not overfeed the animal, even if it persistently asks for supplements. An exception is made for breeding cats, pregnant, lactating Scottish Fold cats. They have special nutritional needs that need to be met for the health of future offspring and young parents.

Can Scottish Fold cats eat sweets?

Cat lovers say that their pets are interested in sweets: ice cream, sweets, creams. Oddly enough, cats do not perceive sweet taste, they lack the gene responsible for this function. Cats love other components of high-calorie desserts: milk, butter, vegetable fats. Not distinguishing the taste of sugar, cats cannot stop in time and overeat, so you cannot give sweets to your cat. The cocoa contained in chocolate can cause poisoning, increased blood pressure, and even death.

Sweets contain many simple carbohydrates that cannot be converted into energy. The body of a cat living in a city apartment consumes little energy, so the “extra” carbohydrates obtained along with sweets turn into fatty deposits and lead to obesity. Due to sugar in Scottish Folds, vision decreases, dermatitis and itching develop, the coat falls out and becomes dull, their teeth deteriorate, and their eyes are watery. The work of the gastrointestinal tract is disrupted. The kidneys from excess sugar increase, do not cope with their functions, stones are formed in them. The risk of diabetes is another reason why you shouldn’t treat your Scottish Fold cat to forbidden foods.

Nutrition for aging cats

With age, metabolism slows down, activity decreases, the appearance of the animal changes. After six to seven years, food is given in small portions, increasing the calorie content. The older the cat, the higher the tendency to be overweight and obese.

Adult pets develop age-related diseases: thyroid disorders, liver obesity, kidney stones, inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, teeth, loss of appetite. Digestive disorders require more careful attention to the menu of your favorite pussy. Harmful products are strictly prohibited.

If an adult Scottish Fold cat is healthy, you should not put him on a strict diet without special indications. Supplement the menu with fermented milk products to reduce the risk of constipation. Purchased feeds are chosen from premium, super-premium, luxury classes, enriched with trace elements and vitamins E and C. Natural nutrition is also being revised, by-products are excluded.

Kitten diet

Newborn kittens eat only milk for up to twenty days, receiving a full set of necessary substances from it. It so happens that the cat has insufficient lactation, then you have to feed the baby Scottish Fold cat yourself with goat or cow milk. Starting from the 12th day of life, you can begin to introduce mashed meat, fish (preferably boiled) into the menu. From 15 to 18 days, offer the kids low-fat beef, chicken, offal (no more than once a week). After the eighth week, it is useful to supplement the diet with raw vegetables and fruits, which contain fiber and vitamins. You can no longer grind the meat, but give it in pieces so that the baby Scottish Fold cat learns to chew. You can gradually convert them to raw meat and fish.

At two months, the kitten’s menu should already contain lean beef, rabbit, veal, poultry, fish, deboned, and porridge. 

If a natural diet is preferred, be sure to include vitamin supplements that compensate for the lack of nutrients. Small kittens eat more often than adults, up to 7 – 10 times, in portions of 100 g. After six months, increase the portion to 250 g and switch to three meals a day. By the time you are one year old, it’s time to start feeding twice, 200 g per serving.

Using commercially available food is easier and more hygienic. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for serving sizes. It is better to choose high-quality feed of an expensive segment. Its price hits the wallet, but the food will be complete, verified, healthy, and balanced.

Adult cat menu

When a kitten grows up, his needs and habits change. Each cat is different and has its own personality, so the diet and serving size need to be calculated based on many factors. Try to stick to a specific meal plan. If the cat begins to actively beg for food, does not succumb to provocations, it is better to review the diet for an increase in the portion or calorie content. If you think the animal is getting enough, be firm.

Compliance with the regime contributes to the formation of the habit of eating at the same time, disciplines, has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Remember to keep the bowl and the area around it clean. Carefully monitor the quality of food and its freshness: everything that the cat has not eaten must be removed on time. Pay attention to the pet’s behavior: the cat eats food prepared from natural meat more willingly.

The peculiarity of purebred cats is that they are in dire need of protein food. For this, industrial feed or homemade food has been developed. The portion can be approximately calculated as 50 g / 1 kg of mass or 300 kcal. When choosing a portion, take into account the animal’s appetite: if the cat eats everything without a trace and becomes full, then the amount of food is selected correctly. After lunch, do not involve the cat in active games, pets like to arrange a quiet hour during the day.

Menu for a castrated cat

The spayed animal menu will require changes. The main problem of castrated and sterilized Scots is urolithiasis. Males suffer more from kidney stones due to the structural features of the body. The narrow urinary tract does not allow the stone to come out on its own but exacerbates the situation of obstruction of the urethra during inflammation.

It is important to know that neutered cats are at risk!

Accustom your cat to a diet menu. The main prohibition is eating foods high in magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium because they lead to stones. When choosing industrial food, look for a specialized diet for sterilized animals approved by veterinarians. They contain special substances that can acidify the urine, preventing the formation of stones.

Be sure to make sure your Scottish Fold is drinking enough fluids. Natural food contains enough moisture, so it partially meets this need. Dry food contains practically no moisture, so make sure that the cat drinks three times more water than it eats, or soak the pieces of food with water. If your cat doesn’t like this food, switch it to wet food or organic foods. And make sure you always have clean water in the bowl.

For a natural diet, adhere to normal food selection guidelines. The basis of the diet is meat, cereals, vegetables. Due to changes in hormonal levels and a sedentary lifestyle, there is a high risk of obesity and diabetes mellitus. Keep track of how much the cat eats, and do not feed him. It is useful to fast once a week.

Sterilization affects the health of the entire body, including the health of teeth and gums. The commercial feed contains substances that help prevent these problems. With a natural menu, it is useful to give meat, not pureed, but in pieces, and special treats for dental health. Do not forget to keep your pet active, take time for him, play with him.

Natural menu or purchased food

Cat lovers often argue about which is best for the cat: homemade food or industrial food. There is no unequivocal opinion, everyone gives the pet the food that he considers suitable. They agree on one thing: it is better to feed with one thing – either homemade products or food. Supporters of homemade food believe that products from the master’s table are quite suitable for a Scottish Fold if the diet is balanced, and artificial additives contained in the feed can harm the cat’s health, so they choose a natural product. As an example, they cite street animals that consume only a “natural product”, and at the same time live to old age without any particular health problems. In addition, they remember the ancestors of domestic cats, who ate only what they could catch.

Those who choose commercial food believe that experts formulate a ratio taking into account the needs of cats of different ages based on many years of research, so the ready-made food is more balanced than homemade food. Industrial food includes vitamins and minerals that the cat is guaranteed to eat, and not every owner will be able to persuade a pet to eat carrots. In addition, it does not need to be cooked or proportions calculated, dry food has a long shelf life, does not stain dishes, and is easy to clean up after a Scottish Fold. Animals, unlike humans, cannot appreciate the taste and variety of the diet; it is important for them that the feed contains all the necessary substances.

Both sides have reasonable arguments, and it’s up to you to decide which diet to choose: feed or natural. It is better to consult a veterinarian, he will tell you what food is best to feed your Scottish Fold cat.

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