How to feed a castrated British cat at home

How to feed a castrated British cat at home?

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When a British cat is worried, marks, tears furniture, persistently asks for a cat, the best way out is to castrate the animal. This procedure will save the castrated British cat from torment, and the owner from unnecessary trouble. After the operation, the pet may develop new problems: obesity, urolithiasis, constipation, heart disease. A well-chosen balanced food, suitable for home British cat, will help to save the animal from trouble.

Body changes

The body of the British cat undergoes serious changes: metabolism, hormonal levels are disturbed, the urethra narrows. A neutered pet becomes apathetic, lazy, inactive, eats a lot, constantly begs for supplements. A caring owner is obliged to correctly select a diet and follow simple rules regarding feeding. After surgery, the cat is fed natural or commercial food. Make sure that water is always available to the British cat, the pet should drink more to prevent urolithiasis. If your cat doesn’t drink well, try soaking food with water.

Natural food at home

A proper home diet consists of half meat. The cat is a predator, so meat forms the basis of his menu. Choose lean meats: turkey, chicken, beef, veal. Be sure to supplement meat products with plant foods. Useful cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice), legumes, pureed fresh vegetables, add chopped fruits. It is optimal to include the liver in the menu once a week.

To help your four-legged pet get more vitamins, let him eat fresh grass. For British cats and cats operated on, constipation is characteristic, so you need to give them cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, vegetables. The pet needs to be cooked separately, always make sure that the food is fresh. Cooking homemade food is a rather laborious activity, requiring time, effort, discipline. So think carefully, it might be worth using industrial food.

What you can’t feed a Briton?

At home, you cannot feed a castrated Briton with homemade food containing spices, salt, sugar. List of products prohibited for operated animals:

  • fish, seafood;
  • smoked, salted, fried, spicy foods;
  • fat meat;
  • sweets;
  • semi-finished products;
  • bakery products.

Sweet, baked, starchy foods lead to diabetes, obesity, other foods are the cause of kidney and gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Magnesium, which contains fish, seafood, leads to the formation of stones, so fish is contraindicated in castrated British cats.

Castrated British cat feeding guide
Castrated British cat

Feeding rules at home

To help the Briton’s body cope with stress, transfer your castrated British cat to a portion of new food in advance, gradually accustoming the cat to a new diet. Eliminate overeating in your castrated British cats.

Feed your pet strictly by the hour, do not allow snacks between meals

Cats often beg for food or try to steal it, be adamant. Keep track of the calorie intake. After the operation, the animal becomes lazy, moves little, needs less energy, and the habit of eating a lot remains. An approximate serving of a five-kilogram British cat should be 160 – 300 g of natural food.

Purchased food

When preparing individual meals for your pet at home is too laborious, it is better to use ready-made food that is developed with leading veterinarians, is balanced, contains all the important nutrients. The correct diet will provide your castrated British cat with good health, smooth, shiny coat, healthy teeth.

There are five classes of cat food:

  • Economy class. Such food suppresses the feeling of hunger, having a low nutritional value, absorbed by less than half. They contain many dyes, flavors, preservatives. The basis of the composition is processed vegetable fibers, meat is replaced by offal. Can you feed it? There are no funds for quality food – choose natural food for your cat;
  • The middle class of feed contains less soy and offal, more meat. Due to the high nutritional value, the cat eats up in a smaller portion. The composition indicates the specific type of meat, vegetables used in the manufacture. The package bears the AAFCO mark (approved by the American Association). The share of meat products is over 25%. Does not contain chemical dyes, bone meal;
  • The premium class is created based on meat, which is half of the components, combined with vegetables, fruits, cereals. This is a balanced diet that is easy to digest and is comparable in composition to a competent natural diet. The high price is justified, this is the best choice that combines convenience and benefit;
  • Super-premium buys for show and breeding animals. In the composition of meat, vegetables, digestibility is more than 90%. There are no offal, soy, dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers;
  • Feed “Holistic” preserves the beneficial properties of ingredients that are only natural with the addition of vitamins and nutrients. It already contains all the necessary trace elements and vitamins, so do not use any additional supplements without the recommendation of a veterinarian. The so-called medicated feed should also not be given without special indications.

Choose certified products, give up cheap food, which is a dummy. The food should be appropriate for the age of the cat. Dose portions according to the weight of the animal and the recommendations on the package.

It is useful to weigh and monitor the pet’s weight once a week. Obesity is the most common problem in castrated British pets.

After choosing a brand of food, try to buy it constantly. Excessive experiments with nutrition will not benefit the animal. Stick to your chosen feeding hours, twice a day: morning and evening. Have a “fasting day” once a week. Do not succumb to cat provocations, the mustachioed beggar will perfectly endure a 12-hour hunger strike, it will only benefit him. Provide 24/7 access to water for your cat, especially if dry food is your choice. Fill the bowl more often, change the water to fresh. To increase your fluid intake, try rearranging the bowl of water, cats don’t like drinking where they eat.

Tips for caring for neutered cats

Try to keep your cat active. Pay attention to cats more often, play, encourage exactly outdoor games. Buy a plush mouse, a bird or build it yourself, most importantly, stimulate physical activity so that the pet does not turn into a lazy bumpkin. If possible, let the cat go for a walk in the fresh air. The owners of private houses have no problems with walking, but it is more difficult for the inhabitants of the metropolis to provide the animal with a walk. Take your cat out of the house sometimes, not forgetting to put on a special harness.

The advantages of the castration procedure outweigh the disadvantages: the life expectancy of the operated pets is longer

Making life rich, happy, healthy is the direct responsibility of the owner of a fluffy cat. Keep an eye on your castrated British cat, take care of him, feed him correctly, take care, and do not forget to check his health with a specialist.

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