Siberian Husky feeding guide

How to feed a husky dog ​​at home?

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Husky – hardy dogs with piercing blue eyes, adapted to exist in a harsh harsh climate – can safely live in a house or apartment. In order for a dog to be in good shape, to live a long, happy life, you need to know how to properly care for and what is the best way to feed your husky at home.

Features of feeding husky dogs

The metabolism of “Siberians” has distinctive features: the liver is not harmed by an impressive amount of protein and fatty nutritious food, preferred by all dogs of the north. The rest of the species require more carbohydrate foods. Animals do not eat much, the ancestors of the breed received a minimum amount of food with enormous physical exertion. But there are “gluttonous” specimens with an excellent appetite that can cause obesity and health problems. It is necessary to observe the correct feeding regimen, taking into account the required amount of food, temperament, living conditions.

This breed, created to transport goods over long distances, in indoor living conditions will require active long walks several times a day. Sledding sports, jogging are suitable. A long leash is required, which does not limit the space of the freedom-loving husky. With a sedentary lifestyle, males can completely refuse to feed. Poor appetite is not uncommon, it is not a symptom of the disease. If the husky dog is healthy and vigorous but refuses to eat during the day, then the pet relieves the digestive tract. Longer fasting will require a visit to your veterinarian. Other dogs in the vicinity make you refuse food, irritating condition.

Decreased appetite issues is facilitated by:

  • features of the age of the animal;
  • the heat outside or at home;
  • too much or too little physical activity.

Natural or prepared food

It is important for the owners to immediately choose the type of feeding the Siberian Husky: either home-made food or store canned food or dry food. A big plus of ready-made feeding is time-saving: you do not need to cook porridge, choose products for a long time. Minus – it is often difficult to find food for a particular individual.

Good store food is not cheap. Expensive high-quality dry food is suitable for Siberian Husky: the products are quickly absorbed by the body, have a well-balanced composition of vitamins and minerals necessary for the breed. Be careful: dry treats contain harmful additives. Better to buy proven premium food, such as Royal Canine or Orijen. It is recommended to give holistic food containing only natural ingredients: meat, fruits, berries, medicinal herbs. Cheap options of little use should not be consumed. In addition to low-calorie content, dangerous flavors, flavor enhancers, and dyes, these brands contain slaughterhouse waste: hooves, horns, indigestible foods. Natural meat may not exist at all.

When deciding to cook for a Siberian husky yourself, you will have to make a diet rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, a complex of important minerals, vitamins, amino acids. A normally functioning intestine needs fiber. Such food will suit pet owners with enough free time to cook porridge for the dog once a week.

how to feed Siberian Husky at home
Siberian Husky

What to feed your husky puppy

In the first months of life, the baby needs 5 meals a day, at the age of 3 months – three times, in six months two meals are fed.

Cubs are fed only freshly prepared food. The nutrition of the suckers should be given special attention, the formation of the skeleton, muscles, and how strong and healthy an adult Siberian husky will be. It should be taken into account what the baby’s mother was feeding in the nursery. The baby’s metabolism is most adapted to such a diet.

Food should be warm. If food has not been eaten within 20 minutes, the Siberian husky dog’s plate is removed before the next feeding. With natural feeding, they find out from a veterinarian about special supplements containing useful minerals and vitamins that strengthen bones and joints. Morning feeding includes low-fat dairy products. A few quail eggs per week help muscle growth and bone development. It is allowed to give large beef bones, boiled to eliminate odor, before the change of teeth. Husky puppies use them as a toy, feast on them. With the appearance of permanent teeth, bones are prohibited, since the incisors are quickly erased, and small fragments can injure the stomach.

What the baby needs:

  • the diet must necessarily contain meat, previously doused with boiling water or boiled. Raw beef, fatty lamb, and pork, often infected with carnivore disease, are not allowed;
  • chicken, game, fresh (unspoiled) fish are useful;
  • necessarily egg yolks, omelets;
  • it is recommended to feed the husky puppy with boiled vegetables, you can give cabbage, beets, carrots;
  • Fruit is especially loved by many toddlers. It is advisable to exclude citrus fruits that cause allergic reactions;
  • the daily diet should include cottage cheese, which serves to prevent rickets, kefir. No more than 20 g of cheese per week is allowed. Yogurt is useful at any age;
  • buckwheat, rice porridges with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil are permissible.

How to give dry food to puppies

When deciding to feed the “drying” product, soaked in water for 15-20 minutes, offer the husky baby until the age of 4 months. Remember: vegetable protein, soybeans, corn are prohibited products, they are not assimilated by the body of northern pets. Puppies are bought brands designed to feed medium-sized puppies and young dogs. Adult northern huskies do not need to give puppy food, they do not need a high content of vitamins, and their excess disrupts the work of the digestive organs.

Meat and fish

Learning to meat and fish is gradual. The kids are kept on a rice diet for a week, then, alternating every couple of days, they are given small pieces of fish or meat products. After 7 days, the diet should consist of a third of meat or fish.

After 2-3 weeks, raw meat is introduced into the food, starting with small portions. If there is no allergy, you can not be afraid to use it. It is best to give food in small, easy-to-chew pieces that your puppy will regurgitate when needed.

Nutrition for adult huskies

Dry food and natural food are suitable for the diet of adults. Choosing a ready-made option, feed with a high percentage of fats and proteins is used. Drying contains insufficient water. It is necessary to provide constant access to drink, leaving the container with the liquid in a visible place. When your pet gets tired of eating crackers, they diversify the menu by offering canned food from a similar manufacturer.

There is no need to purchase hypoallergenic food – it causes severe allergies due to the presence of soy protein. The menu should include meat and flour. Lamb, fish are suitable for animals prone to allergic reactions.

Feeding the natural is a variant of the carefully thought-out diet of the northern husky. The age, level of activity, health, place of residence of the animal require different types of feeding, affecting the health and life expectancy of individuals of this breed. The old dog needs to be fed less often.

Meat in the diet

The need for meat accounts for half of all consumption. It is better to feed adult Siberian huskies with dark redraw, scalded with boiling water, beef or scraps. Allowed by-products: liver, scar, heart, heat-treated lungs.

The canine family does not have chewing teeth; meat is given to them in chunks, and not in the form of minced meat. The digestion process of these animals is based on the use of unmilled meat products. Otherwise, domestic creatures will suffer from digestive disorders. Meat products are frozen for 3-5 days, thawed before serving, cut into large pieces.

How to give fish

Fresh marine products are boiled and separated from the bones. Meat and fish days alternate. The myth about feeding the northern huskies with frozen food is not substantiated; it is forbidden to give it to dogs.

Vegetables and fruits

The daily diet should contain 30% of vegetables consumed in boiled form (broccoli, green beans, pumpkin, zucchini) and raw (cucumbers, onions, tomatoes). A little vegetable oil is mixed with carrots. It is customary to add tomatoes: high content of fruit acids dissolves tartar, removes plaque. Siberian pets love apples, they should be given chopped or grated green or yellow fruits.

Cereal products

Cereals make up less than 15% of the daily food volume. It is better to offer buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, rice products in the form of flakes: they are easy to prepare by boiling with boiling water.

Mixed type of food

Most owners use a combination feeding option for their pets, although it is believed that this is not the best option for a Siberian husky dog. The proportion is ideal: part of the natural product is mixed with part of the finished, dry product. Eating does not take time, and the disadvantages inherent in dry food and canned food are compensated for.

Combined feeding allows the following scheme:

  • 50% dry food
  • 25% raw fish
  • 25% vegetables, fruits, boiled cereals.

What not to give

There are recommended and prohibited foods. The taboo applies to the following types of food, the abuse of which leads to indigestion, kidney failure:

  • sugar leads to skin problems, disrupts the growth of teeth;
  • the husky dog’s pancreas cannot cope with oily pork;
  • you can not feed smoked products;
  • the use of seasoning is unacceptable: spices destroy the mucous membranes of the digestive system;
  • grapes, potatoes cause fermentation in the intestines;
  • you can not add whole milk, sweets, salty, pickled foods;
  • boiled chicken, meat bones cause constipation, intestinal obstruction.

Biological additives, fatty acids, which affect the well-being and mobility of the northern husky, improve metabolism. You can not overfeed, limit the activity of the breed, you need to make sure that the pet is not overweight, is in a slightly lean state – this is the natural body shape of such dogs. If it is impossible to feel the ribs and spine with your hand, reduce the number of servings, change the diet. Excess weight causes problems of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system. And to speed up weight loss, you can walk your dog while cycling. Hardy dogs will not get too tired of this, on the contrary, long runs will strengthen their health.

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