What to do if a Yorkie refuses to eat?

What to do if a Yorkie refuses to eat?

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Yorkshire Terrier – a miniature dog weighing about 3 kilograms – the most popular four-legged pet living as a full member of the family in many homes. Every responsible owner worries about keeping playful adorable dogs. Going to veterinarians, reading literature, chatting on Internet forums – and it seems that everything is known about the animal. But it still happens that the doggie becomes lethargic, apathetic, turns away from the usual, previously loved food. The owners are sounding the alarm. What do you do when your Yorkie won’t eat? How to solve this problem?

The reasons Yokrie refuse to eat

Like many miniature decorative dogs, Yorkshire terriers are often spoiled with delicacies, capricious, they try to manipulate their owners with pitying glances. Therefore, there is everything that they are offered, these fussy will not. Often the problem of poor appetite appears in puppies that have free access to food because satiety sets in. The spirit of competition, as in life among their fellows at an early age, is absent. But there are other reasons as well.

Why my Yorkie refuses to eat, there are many, both easily eliminated reasons, and more serious ones that require the intervention of specialists. There are psychological and physiological reasons for this behavior. Let’s consider the most typical cases.

1. Increased anxiety

Some Yorkies become alarmed due to loud, frightening, panic-stricken sounds: salutes, thunderstorms, gunfire. Food is such situations is out of the question: the animal is frightened, trembling. This condition quickly normalizes when the irritating factor disappears.

2. Refusal to eat from the bowl

A decrease in appetite is associated with the frequent habit of the owners of giving food to the pet outside the bowl, from their hands, because the Yorkie is a small dog, it needs only a little to saturate it. If during the day the pet was treated to a common table, he may well refuse his food. The dog gets used to such a diet, does not eat from the bowl, and waits for him to be fed again in this way. You do not need to force-feed the animal – it will ask for food when it gets hungry.

3. Avoiding dry food

If a Yorkie doesn’t eat dry food, what to do? When the dog is tired of the monotonous food, she is fed up with this taste, and she no longer wants to eat granules, veterinarians advise transferring the animal to natural products. Here the choice is huge, and when you get used to porridge with meat, the boring cereal is exchanged for another. Food must be fresh, otherwise, the dog may not only refuse to eat such food but also get sick after eating a spoiled product.

Poor appetite is due to the transition to a new dry food made by another manufacturer, the taste of which is not to the liking of the dog.

4. Poor appetite during estrus and pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy that can make your dog feel sick are a common cause of refusal to eat.

The first estrus is the strongest stress for the dog’s body, the period when it becomes lethargic, dull, capricious or aggressive, and loses interest in life. Yorke doesn’t eat well after heat. Changes in eating habits are normal during these periods.

When an attractive person with estrus appears in the neighborhood, she can discourage the hunt from food from the dog for several days.

5. A change of scenery

Parting with the owner, moving to a new place of residence, exhibitions – they cause despondency, depression, melancholy, can lead to a complete refusal to eat.

6. Health reasons

There are a number of reasons that a pet has a health problem. If the dog eats poorly, sleeps all the time, it is worth observing its behavior more closely.

Why isn’t Yorke eating? What are the reasons for the deterioration in appetite:

  • inflammation of the gums and dental diseases, trauma to the oral cavity;
  • diseases of the digestive organs (ulcers, gastritis, tumors);
  • parasitic and infectious diseases;
  • painful sensations, while the animal is hunched over, sleeps for a long time, is inactive, its limbs tremble when moving;
  • renal failure;
  • exposure to certain medications.
What to do when your Yorkie won't eat?
Yorkie Terrier

What to do when your Yorkie won’t eat?

If a Yorkie does not eat well what to do in this situation, only a veterinarian can help.

For what symptoms it is necessary to urgently consult a specialist for a thorough examination:

  • fever, high temperature;
  • refusal of water or increased thirst;
  • along with ignoring food, giving up favorite treats for more than 7-8 hours;
  • lethargy, apathy, or wanton aggression;
  • the dog whines do not allow touching the stomach;
  • prolonged, frequent estrus, changes in the nature of the discharge, an unpleasant odor;
  • the yellowness of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • discoloration of urine, feces;
  • constipation or loose stools;
  • frequent regurgitation, the pet vomits abundantly with yellow liquid.

If a diagnosis has been carried out, tests have been submitted, a disease has been detected, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment and special medicinal food.

If there is no redness of the gums, tartar, damage in the dog’s oral cavity, and there are no wounds on the body, and the doctor did not find serious abnormalities in the state of health, then the reasons for refusing to eat are not so dangerous and can be decided by the owner himself.

Ignoring ordinary food, but actively eating delicacies, natural behavior, cheerfulness, and vigor of the terrier is a reason to start correcting the eating habits of a four-legged friend.

What to do if your Yorkie doesn’t eat well:

  1. Do not focus on this problem, but engage in the selection of the correct, balanced diet, focusing on the benefits and taste preferences of the pet.
  2. Choose one specific type of food: natural, dry, or wet food (canned food), observe the food intake schedule.
  3. Decrease the portion of food by increasing the interval between meals.
  4. You can get a second Yorkie, competition will awaken the spirit of rivalry, everything will be eaten faster.
  5. The dog needs to be taught to properly feed on childhood, this will prevent problems with impaired appetite.
  6. Adhere to the correct feeding regimen. If food remains in the bowl or is intact, remove it after 20 minutes before the next meal. Having gotten hungry, the pet will gladly eat the contents, over time it will acquire the habit of eating on schedule.
  7. Snacks are not allowed between meals, rewards in the form of treats are allowed only during animal training.
  8. It is not necessary to force and persuade the dog to eat, this can lead to a complete loss of appetite, aggravating the situation.
  9. When walking, give your pet the opportunity to move actively.
  10. In no case do not give alcohol: vodka or wine to increase the pet’s appetite, you can cause burns of mucous membranes and poisoning, it is better to stay longer with the dog in the fresh air.
  11. After the walk, look for splinters, ticks on the dog – this can disturb the animal, cause anxiety, and malaise.
  12. You can not purchase food for the Yorkshire Terrier in questionable places. A wide range of pet salons and specialty stores offer certified products that protect your pet from unnecessary problems.

We have presented you with a large list of answers to the question of why a Yorkie doesn’t eat. Knowing them, it will be easier for you to navigate and decide what action to take. To cope with your little one’s whims, heed our advice. Be attentive to your pet, do not ignore changes in his behavior and condition. Inaction and the loss of valuable time can rob you of your beloved pet.

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