Cloudy water in an aquarium

Why does the fish tank water becomes cloudy?

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This problem can be encountered by both novice aquarists and experienced fish breeders. Muddy water in a fish tank is dangerous: it makes both fish and plants sick. What to do?

First of all, you should not panic and refuse to breed fish. You can get rid of cloudy water once and for all if you approach the problem thoughtfully and seriously. Let us find out why the water ceases to be transparent.

1. Careless care

Pour clean water into the aquarium slowly and carefully, without splashing it along the walls. Clouding of water immediately after changing it sometimes happens, but mostly goes away on its own in a week. If a high-quality filter is installed in the aquarium, it will dissolve all unwanted particles without harm to the fish. Do not rush and change the water again: this, on the contrary, will worsen its condition and lead to the multiplication of harmful bacteria. There are two common types of water replacement – full and partial. The first should be addressed when your pets are sick. The second one must be carried out 2-3 times a week, and the replacement should be made by 20-30%.

2. Overpopulation of the aquarium

Sometimes fish lovers have too many pets, and so it becomes crowded together in one fish tank. Then the filter will not be able to properly purify the water, and it will acquire a greenish tint.

3. Overfeeding

Remember, it is better to underfeed your fish than to leave too much food for it. Feed the pets as much food as they can eat at a time. Otherwise, uneaten food will settle to the bottom of the aquarium, start to deteriorate, smell unpleasant and pollute the water. Ichthyologists advise occasionally arrange fasting days for fish: this is useful for pets, and the biological balance of water will be restored.

4. Improper tank decorations

Do not buy cheap, low-quality items (such as plastic driftwood): they can also cause water pollution. Choose wooden items and boil wood thoroughly before placing them in the aquarium.

Why does the fish tank water becomes cloudy?
Cloudy and Clean water tank

5. Medicines for fish

If you’ve treated your pets, be sure to clean the tank. Some drugs upset the biological balance in the reservoir and cause the water to become cloudy.

6. Green water in the aquarium – is it time to worry? 

Green mud in an aquarium is not as bad as it might seem. Basically, it turns green from too active reproduction of ordinary algae. This can occur as a result of excessive lighting and constant exposure to direct sunlight on a container of water, as well as due to the rotting of uneaten food or old plants. In this case, it is enough to limit yourself to natural cleaning methods: put planktonic crustaceans, daphnia into the aquarium. Try also to purchase ampullary snails, which also effectively fight the surface film in the tank.

7. Why does the water turn yellow? 

Yellow water in an aquarium is also not uncommon. It acquires this color due to the following factors:

  • Poor quality food with dye;
  • Insufficient filtration or its complete absence;
  • Bad decorations in the tank;
  • Careless care.

All of the above should be avoided if you want your fish to live with you for a long time and feel comfortable. Do not skimp on feed – it is better to have fewer pets, but provide them with decent care. When feeding the fish, turn off the internal filter: this way it will not get clogged with food and will not provoke the appearance of yellow turbidity in the water.

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