Jack Russell Terrier feeding guide

How to feed your Jack Russell Terrier?

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Jack Russell Terrier belongs to hunting breeds, which are increasingly acquired for decorative purposes. These dogs are popular because of their cheerful disposition, friendliness, activity, and small size. Let’s figure out what to feed and how to choose food for such a dog.

Feeding the Jack Russell Terriers puppy 

In the first months of life, it is important for a Jack Russell Terrier puppy to receive all the necessary nutrients: in the period from 1 month to 4, the dog’s body is formed. At this time, the skeleton, muscle corset are actively developing, internal organs and systems begin to fully function. Lack of certain vitamins or minerals can manifest as health problems in the future.

One very important aspect should be taken into account – what the breeders fed. When buying a two-month-old pet, they clarify what exactly the previous owners fed him with, whether they gave him special dry food or regaled him with natural food. If the puppy is faced with a sharp change in diet, then this may be fraught with disruption of the digestive tract. The dog can first pounce on food, and then completely refuse to eat, be lethargic, vomiting and diarrhea are possible. This situation requires seeking advice from a veterinarian and further nutritional adjustments. 

It is believed that a month-old Jack Russell Terrier puppy should be fed natural food after weaning. it is easier to digest. Ready-made food can also be included in the nutritional system of a young pet. Their advantage lies in the full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals for an animal of a certain age.

As for natural food, the terrier’s diet must necessarily include products of animal and plant origin in a ratio of 70 – 30%. A puppy under 4 months old should eat 4-5 times a day:

  • dairy products (milk, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk);
  • boiled meat (beef, chicken, rabbit);
  • boiled fish without bones;
  • vegetables and fruits (apples, carrots, cabbage, corn);
  • porridge (rolled oats, barley, millet, rice).

At 4-5 months, puppies are fed 4 times a day. After six months – 3 times, and you can give in equal shares of animal and vegetable food. 

After a year, the dog can be fed 2 times a day. But if this is not enough for the pet, then it is recommended for him to arrange snacks in the form of individual salads or vegetables. You need to buy food that is good in composition, intended for a particular breed. The amount of a portion of dry food is calculated by referring to the table given by the manufacturer on the pack of feed.

How to feed your Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier

Feeding adult dogs

For an adult terrier to feel good, it must be properly cared for and provided with a quality balanced diet. There are two main ways: feed natural food or transfer the dog to dry food. The first option is more complicated and requires a lot of responsibility from the owner since it is not too easy to provide a full-fledged balanced diet with regular food. The second option is easier but requires a lot of material costs. Both principles of nutrition can be complete and incorrect at the same time – it all depends on the owner’s attitude to the pet and his own physical and financial capabilities.

Natural feeding

The main difference in feeding a Jack Russell Terrier after a year is the ratio of meat products to vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

It should be remembered that feeding a dog that is in moderate physical activity (daily walks on the street) and a hunting pet is required in different ways. 

Animals that have a lot of regular activity should consume more nutritious foods and their portions should be larger. It is recommended to include in the hunter’s diet a maximum of fat – homemade cottage cheese, raw meat (preferably beef), fatty fish.

The daily amount of food consumed by a healthy member of the breed should be equal to the 10th of body weight – this is an approximate figure that is adjusted individually. If the food on offer for your dog is not enough, you can treat Jack Russell with vegetables or fruits. It is important to remember: no breed of dog should be fed dry food and natural food at the same time.

List of useful foods:

  • meat – beef, lamb, chicken, rabbit, duck, turkey;
  • offal – liver, kidneys, hearts, stomachs;
  • fish – fatty breeds without bones in boiled form or as minced meat;
  • cereals – rice, wheat, millet, barley, and buckwheat;
  • vegetables – carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, radishes;
  • fruits – apples, pears, peaches.

How to find good food for Jack Russell Terrier?

Your Jack Russell dog can be effectively fed with breed-specific dry food that contains all the nutrients the animal needs. This way of eating will save our own time and energy that we spend on cooking for our pets. Good quality dog ​​food is balanced and contains only what is good for the animal.

Usually, Jack Russell Terriers can be fed with food for dachshunds or Italian greyhounds, but it is better to buy food from producers for this particular breed. Royal Canin for Jack Russell is a middle-class food, which takes into account the characteristics of the breed and includes special components. It will suit most.

To calculate the portion to be given, refer to the table provided by the manufacturer on the package. Knowing the weight of the dog, you can calculate how much food it should eat during the day – this amount is divided by the number of meals. There should always be clean water near the bowl of food.

There are a huge number of different formulations available from pet stores, and not all of them are good. It must be remembered that high-quality feed is expensive and is not found in every department with goods for animals. All industrial rations can be divided into 4 classes:

  • economy (Pedigree, Chappi);
  • premium (Dog Chow, 1st Choice);
  • super-premium (Royal Canin, Pro Plan);
  • holistic (Nutra Gold, Acana).

To feed the Jack Russell Terrier, you need to buy premium food: they do not contain dyes and flavors, they are balanced and obtained by processing natural products. When choosing food, you need to take into account many aspects, including not only reviews but also a number of other points, for example, the price and personal preferences of your pet.

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