Protecting cats from fleas and ticks

Protecting cats from fleas and ticks

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Fleas and ticks are dangerous to cats. Parasites not only cause severe itching, dermatitis but also carry deadly diseases – encephalitis, borreliosis, etc. If you do not want to prematurely lose your pet, take care of the cat’s protection from ticks and fleas in time.

How to protect your cat from fleas and ticks: basic methods

A cat, especially a street cat, must be treated for parasites, even if they are not found. Insecticidal preparations will scare away pests from the animal. If the parasites do attack the cat, they will die as soon as they gain a foothold on the pet. The effectiveness and duration of protection largely depend on the means with which the cat will be treated.  

To remove fleas from a cat at home will help:

  • collars;
  • drops;
  • solutions;
  • sprays;
  • shampoos;
  • powders / powders;
  • pills;
  • injections.

Flea and tick collar for cats

Cat collars are primarily designed for fleas. Before buying, read the instructions to know exactly how the flea collar for cats works:

  • Some models only repel insects.
  • More advanced options kill parasites by distributing the active substance throughout the animal’s body.
  • Among the models there are those that destroy only adults, others cope with parasites at earlier stages.

Important: Even the best flea collars for cats are often allergic. If the pet wears it for a long time but does not stop itching, remove the accessory and replace it with another drug.

Drops on the withers, solutions, flea and tick sprays for cats

Good protection against mite sprays and drops for cats. They contain an active substance that is distributed along the skin but does not enter the bloodstream. The solution repels parasites, especially at first, while there is a smell. Then the aroma goes away, the pests attack the animal and die when they bite through the skin.  

In order for the drug to have the desired effect, the pet should not be washed 3 days before and after the treatment of cats from fleas and ticks. It is also important to apply it not on the coat, but on the skin of the cat. To prevent the animal from licking the solution, it must be dripped onto the withers.

The spray can be used to treat fleas and ticks on a cat’s litter. So the pet will be protected more reliably.


Flea and tick shampoos for cats will help get rid of parasites, but they do not last longer than 3 days. But they can be used as comprehensive protection. For example, a cat can be washed with shampoo 4-5 days after being treated with cat tick drops. The product will wash away dead parasites, soothe irritated skin.  

Tablets and injections

Pills boast the longest and most effective action. The price of a flea remedy for cats is high but worth it. The pills do not repel parasites, but they cause paralysis as soon as they bite through the skin. After a few hours, the pest dies. For this reason, the tick does not have time to throw saliva into the bloodstream and infect the cat. 

Important: Never give dog pills to cats, even if the dosage is correct. Buy only medicines that are formulated specifically for cats.

How to protect your cat from fleas?

Insects can be on the pet, even if it has not been in contact with other cats. If the cat is outdoors, the parasite can jump on the fur from the grass, asphalt. If the pet has never left the apartment, infection is possible from other pets (cat, dog) that are on the street.

Best flea remedies for cats

To protect the cat, you can use drops, tablets, shampoos. It is very important to regularly treat the litter on which the pet sleeps with a flea spray for cats, to wash it constantly.

Flea and tick collar for cats: which one is better

Good results in protection against fleas and ticks have shown:

  • Biafra Flea & Tick collar;
  • Preventeff Cat (Virbak);
  • Foresto (Bayer / Elanco).

If you want the most effective against fleas for cats, containing natural ingredients, buy collars from the Celandine series.

Tick ​​tablets for cats

The best protection for cats from fleas and ticks in the country is Inspector Quadro tablets. They protect the cat from parasites for 2 months.

Drops and sprays

The price of tick drops for cats is cheaper than tablets, but they do not last so long – 2-3 weeks. According to reviews, the best flea drops for cats:

  • Bravecto Spot He;
  • Biafra;
  • Inspector;
  • Lawyer;
  • Frontline.


Of the shampoos, Bio from Beafar, Pchelodar from Agroprioprom, Celandine antiparasitic have proven themselves well. If you need a 2 in 1 product, you can buy a spray:

  • Fiprist spray;
  • Para stop from Virbak;
  • Phyprex spray forte (Vetagro).


To protect against fleas, you can use a special powder/powder (Flickr, Ectosan, Insecta). This method is not popular, but that does not mean that it is bad. The powder is applied to the dry coat, then rubbed into the skin. The powder is absorbed into the top layer of the skin and protects against fleas.

How to get rid of fleas on cats fast
How to get rid of fleas on cats fast

How to protect your cat from ticks?

To protect your cat from ticks, you can use the same remedies as for fleas, but more often. For example, if the drops protect against fleas for 3 weeks, against ticks – two.

Do not forget to examine your pet every time she comes home from the street. If you remove the parasite in time, the chance of avoiding infection increases significantly. Since the tick does not stick right away, look not only for arthropods swollen with the blood but also for those that only crawl along with the fur.

Best Cat Tick Remedies

If your cat is outdoors all the time, use Inspector Quadro tablets, which provide 2 months of protection. They help especially well if the pet has demodicosis. The pills do not completely cure the disease, but while they work, they reliably restrain the growth of the population.

Analog of the tablet – injections (Ivermek), Eprimek, Lufenuron. They protect not only from insects but also from helminths. However, these are very strong drugs that have a toxic effect on the body. Therefore, veterinarians rarely prescribe them, in very severe cases.

If you are worried about safety, afraid of poisoning the cat, take drops of Bravecto Spot On, Bea car. They protect well against ticks, but the pet will have to be treated every 2 weeks.

How to remove a tick?

If you see a tick on a cat, do not panic and do not pull it out. If you remove it incorrectly, the parasite may have time to release saliva with an infection into the blood. Also, his head will remain in the body of the cat, which can lead to suppuration.

Veterinarians recommend using a special device to remove the parasite. If not, you can use tweezers, in extreme cases – eyebrow tweezers:

  1. Grab the tick with tweezers as close to the skin as possible.
  2. While gently turning the forceps, gently pull out the parasite.
  3. Turn only one way. Do not loosen the forceps or pull the tick up sharply. You can tear it apart, and part of the parasite will remain in the skin, or it will have time to inject saliva out of fear.

How to protect your kitten from fleas and ticks?

Most products are intended for kittens from 8 weeks old. Do not use insecticidal preparations that are not age-appropriate unless absolutely necessary. They contain powerful ingredients that can be harmful.

Having found parasites, it is imperative to wash or change the litter, wash the floor in the apartment with disinfectants. You can try combing fleas out of wool, but the procedure will not bring much effect.

To protect the kitten, you can use:

  • from 2 days of age: Fipronil Spray;
  • from 7 days: Phiprist Spray;
  • from 1 month of age: Frontline spray;
  • from 6 weeks: collar BEAFAR SOS.

Before buying a product, it is important to make sure that it is safe not only for the baby but also for the mother. Apply flea and tick medicine for cats only to the areas indicated in the instructions. By licking the kitten, the mother can lick the solution off.

How to protect a pregnant and lactating cat from fleas and ticks?

Ideally, the animal should be handled prior to pregnancy. But the remedies for fleas for cats on the withers do not last more than a month, you still have to use such a drug once.

It is highly undesirable to use tablets during pregnancy and lactation since they can affect the formation of the internal organs of kittens. This must be taken into account, even if the manufacturer claims otherwise. It is better to take drops and sprays that do not absorb into the blood.

As for lactating mothers, it is better not to spray them at all, as kittens can lick the spray from the fur. To protect your cat, just don’t let her out of the house, protect her from contact with other pets, and clean the apartment thoroughly.

How to protect an elderly cat from fleas and ticks?

Flea and tick treatment in older cats cannot be ignored. Over the years, immunity falls and surrenders to an infection that the body used to cope with itself – Lyme disease, encephalitis, dermatitis. Treatment is difficult, an older pet may die.

For treating an old cat, the same remedies are suitable as for a young one. Instead of pills and injections, it is better to use drops on the withers from ticks for cats. They are safe and do not harm internal organs, which is very important in old age when many systems in the body fail.

Consider these guidelines when choosing the best cat tick treatment:

  • Health. If your pet is weak, buy a cat tick collar or drops.
  • Allergy. Over the years, immunity decreases, which can manifest itself as an allergy. Change your cat tick medications if you have a reaction to a remedy that you had no problem with before. To get rid of the effects of allergies, bathe your cat.
  • Age. The older the cat, the softer it should act on the body.

If you want to give a cat flea pill but are not sure, check with your veterinarian. He will take blood tests, allergy tests, which will determine whether it is safe to give the flea drug to cats.

Folk remedy for ticks and fleas for cats

In terms of effectiveness, folk remedies for fleas for cats are significantly inferior to insecticides and are far from always safe. For example, washing with gasoline or alcohol will not be helpful. They only temporarily stun the parasites. When the pests wake up, they will continue to torment the cat.

If you still want to use traditional methods, try essential oils. To scare off fleas, take wormwood oil, and cedar mites. These scents can scare the pests, but they will have no effect if the parasites are too hungry (e.g. in early spring).

Important: Not all scents are suitable for cats. For example, an orange repels fleas, but cats do not like them, like any other citrus smell. The same goes for geranium, eucalyptus, lavender.


To prevent infestation of your pet with fleas and ticks, follow these recommendations:

  • Before treating a cat from fleas and ticks, read the instructions carefully.
  • Follow the schedule for processing the animal, which is indicated in the instructions for your chosen product.
  • Select the dosage based on the weight, age, the health of the animal.
  • Regularly spray the cat mite spray on the bed where the animal sleeps.
  • Vacuum frequently, paying special attention to the areas where your pet likes to spend time. The vacuum cleaner bag can be sprayed with flea spray to kill live individuals or eggs that are sucked in.
  • Use only one product per treatment. Chemicals in different foods do not always work together and can harm your kitten.
  • A few days after using cat flea drops, bathe your cat with shampoo to remove dead insects.

There are many insecticidal products on the market that are effective in killing fleas and ticks. The main thing is not to buy the product from your hands, so as not to take a fake. Take drops, tablets sprays only in veterinary pharmacies or pet stores.

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