Protecting cats from fleas and ticks

Protecting cats from fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are dangerous to cats. Parasites not only cause severe itching, dermatitis but also carry deadly diseases – encephalitis, borreliosis, etc. If you do not want to prematurely lose your pet, take care of the cat’s protection from ticks and fleas in time.

How to brush your cat's teeth

How to brush your cat’s teeth

Brushing a cat’s teeth is an important hygienic procedure that will help prevent tooth decay, gum inflammation, and remove odor from the mouth. Today we will talk about means for cleaning teeth in cats, how to carry out the procedure correctly.

Allergies to cats but not dogs

Allergies in cats: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Allergies in cats are one of the most common problems. It manifests itself as itching, sneezing, tearing, baldness. In severe cases, severe edema, coma, death is possible. Today we will talk about why an allergic reaction occurs in cats, how it manifests itself, how to treat it.

Maine Coon cat feeding guide before and after giving birth

Pregnant Maine Coon cat feeding guide

Pregnancy is an important stage in the life of any domestic cat, at this time all body processes are rebuilt. Their course affects the health of both the adult animal itself and the formation of its babies. It is important to create comfortable conditions for your cat in which she will be calm. Proper nutrition during a special period plays an important role, it will depend on how kittens will grow and develop.

How to feed a castrated British cat at home

How to feed a castrated British cat at home?

When a British cat is worried, marks, tears furniture, persistently asks for a cat, the best way out is to castrate the animal. This procedure will save the castrated British cat from torment, and the owner from unnecessary trouble. After the operation, the pet may develop new problems: obesity, urolithiasis, constipation, heart disease. A well-chosen balanced food, suitable for home British cat, will help to save the animal from trouble.

Scottish Fold cat feeding guide

Scottish Fold cat feeding guide

So that the Scottish Fold cat does not have health problems, pay attention to the diet. Nutrition determines whether the pet will be healthy and cheerful. We will tell you what kind of food is better to feed Scottish Fold cats, whether to give homemade food, how to choose a diet for adult pets and small kittens.

What to feed Bengal cats

What to feed Bengal cats?

The Bengal cat is one of the most ancient breeds, whose fascinating color of the representative belongs to the past times of the feline family. They look like animals in the wild, foraging for themselves. Many years have passed, these pets have become domestic cats with an attractive appearance, playful disposition.

homemade cat food

How to transfer a cat to homemade food?

How to retrain correctly? How to transfer a cat to homemade food, because animals are not always ready to share the owner’s intentions and desperately resist innovations, refusing a new diet? Often, such voluntary fasting continues for a long time. The cat does not eat, at best it can sniff food, as a result, it loses weight, there are violations of the general condition, behavior, and appearance changes.

Cat on Tree

How to save a tree from a cat ?

New Year’s Eve days for pets, especially cats, turn out to be the most dangerous, associated with an increased risk of injury. Feline curiosity, carelessness, negligence of the owners lead to accidents. Often, happy days are darkened by situations when an animal is in trouble, he urgently needs veterinary help, without which a lethal outcome cannot be avoided. One of the first in the dangerous row is the New Year’s green fluffy beauty. How to save a Christmas tree from a cat and protect an animal from danger?