Jack Russell Terrier feeding guide

How to feed your Jack Russell Terrier?

Jack Russell Terrier belongs to hunting breeds, which are increasingly acquired for decorative purposes. These dogs are popular because of their cheerful disposition, friendliness, activity, and small size. Let’s figure out what to feed and how to choose food for such a dog.

Protection of dogs' paws from reagents

Paw protection for dogs

Winter walks bring a lot of pleasure to the owner and the dog, but the cold period is fraught with great danger to the pet. For comfortable movement of people, sidewalks are sprinkled with reagents or road salt, which is absolutely safe for humans, but critical for unprotected pads of animals. The problem is relevant for residents of large cities. For owners with the first snow, the question of how to protect the dog’s paws from reagents comes first.

What to do if a Yorkie refuses to eat?

What to do if a Yorkie refuses to eat?

Yorkshire Terrier – a miniature dog weighing about 3 kilograms – the most popular four-legged pet living as a full member of the family in many homes. Every responsible owner worries about keeping playful adorable dogs. Going to veterinarians, reading literature, chatting on Internet forums – and it seems that everything is known about the animal. But it still happens that the doggie becomes lethargic, apathetic, turns away from the usual, previously loved food. The owners are sounding the alarm. What do you do when your Yorkie won’t eat? How to solve this problem?

How to feed a pug

How to feed a pug?

Pugs are the oldest dog breed bred in China. They have retained their popularity to this day and is especially loved in our country by connoisseurs of decorative dogs. Many people dream of such a pet, they strive to find out everything about the habits of the animal in advance. Pugs are very loyal to their owner, they try to constantly be closer to him. A caring owner should remember that an active pet is important not only for a variety of leisure activities – walks, games – but also proper, complete, balanced nutrition. How to feed a pug is a rather serious question, it is important to know such features of the breed as sensitive digestion and a tendency to obesity.

Siberian Husky feeding guide

How to feed a husky dog ​​at home?

Husky – hardy dogs with piercing blue eyes, adapted to exist in a harsh harsh climate – can safely live in a house or apartment. In order for a dog to be in good shape, to live a long, happy life, you need to know how to properly care for and what is the best way to feed your husky at home.

German shepherd feeding guide

How to feed a German shepherd?

The German Shepherd can rightfully be considered a versatile breed. They can be a faithful friend, a good companion, excellent watchdogs, and service dogs, performing many tasks assigned to them. The Germans are smart, easy to learn and trainable, unpretentious in their care. Many people dream of having just such a dog. But before you bring your four-legged friend home, take a responsible approach to this issue. The eating habit of a German Shepherd is the key to a long, healthy life. And although these German dogs are undemanding in food, for a large breed, careful selection of the diet and menu is required, which is quite troublesome and entails considerable costs. The question of how to feed a German shepherd dog is devoted to a mass of special literature, where the schemes of proper feeding are described in detail and there are even recipes for dishes.

Labrador puppy feeding guide

What to feed a Labrador puppy?

If you become the owner of a Labrador Retriever puppy or are preparing for an imminent arrival at the house of a small inhabitant, it’s time to ask the question – what kind of food is better to feed a Labrador puppy. The baby’s diet is different from that of an adult breed. During growth, the cub needs a lot of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Their lack will cause a lag in the development of the dog.

What to feed your German Shepherd puppy?

What to feed your German Shepherd puppy?

Having made the decision to become the owner of an intelligent, smart, devoted German Shepherd, a responsible owner should know that the health, proper behavior, appearance of an adult dog depends not only on its upbringing, care but also on a well-chosen balanced diet of the animal in puppyhood. It is in the early period that the laying of immunity takes place, the formation of the dog’s musculoskeletal system. It is not difficult to find information on what food is best to feed a German shepherd puppy: you can study a lot of special literature, get recommendations from a veterinarian, and ask your breeder. Of course, it is better to do this in advance in order to have time to prepare before the baby enters your family. Let’s try together to understand the question: what to feed a German shepherd puppy. This is especially important for novice dog owners.

Labrador Feeding guide

How to feed a Labrador at home?

Labradors are the most popular breed of family dogs. They are beautiful, smart, noble. They are great companions, lifeguards, watchmen, and wonderful babysitters for children. In order for your dog to live a fulfilling life, be healthy and happy, it is important to provide it with proper nutrition. When wondering how to feed a Labrador at home, you should not think that this animal is unpretentious in food, and can eat the same food as its owners. Leftovers from the master’s table are indispensable.

Chihuahua dog

How to feed a Chihuahua at home?

Chihuahuas are miniature dogs that many children dream of. Mature people do not remain indifferent to them, for whom these charming devoted crumbs become real family members and joys in life. But before you start such a baby, you need to know how to properly care for her and how to feed a Chihuahua at home. It is wrong to think that the dog is small, and a spoonful of porridge a day will be enough for it. This animal is very active, temperamental, inquisitive, spending a lot of energy, which must be replenished with the help of a properly balanced diet.