Central Asian Shepherd Dogs or Alabai

What to feed Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd Dog)?

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog (SAO) or Alabai is the largest dog breed with excellent protective and protective qualities. They are distinguished by their large physique, great strength, and an excellent appetite. Asians are unpretentious in food, they rarely have volvulus, and allergic reactions appear. But indulging in food, overfeeding, or not feeding Alabai is impossible: this can lead to pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, cause disruptions in the work of many organs and systems. How to feed the Alabai is a question that worries many owners, who have such a pet in the house. Those who still dream of such a formidable, impressive-looking guard are also interested in nutritional issues.

how to feed a dachshund

The best tip to feed a dachshund

Before buying a dachshund – a small, quick-witted dog of a hunting breed – future owners think about how to raise this short-legged fidget. The question of how to feed the dachshund is also important. This doggie is not capricious in content. But in order for the animal to remain healthy, to have an attractive appearance, you need to know what dachshunds eat and organize proper nutrition. After all, the duration of her life depends on how you feed your pet.

How to feed a toy terrier at home?

How to feed a toy terrier at home?

Toy fox Terrier is a small mobile dog weighing up to 3 kg. Mini breed representatives barely reach 1.8 kg. Despite their tiny size, fox terriers are courageous guards. They also differ in excellent appetite. Fox terrier is so gluttonous that they seem to be ready to eat more than they themselves weigh. But you shouldn’t follow the lead of a small predator. You can not indulge the whims of the pet, often offering him “snacks” in response to begging. A dog who constantly receives treats will develop digestive disorders, gain excess weight, and get a heart and musculoskeletal problems. Before the dog appears in your house, figure out how to feed the toy fox terrier at home.