Cloudy water in an aquarium

Why does the fish tank water becomes cloudy?

This problem can be encountered by both novice aquarists and experienced fish breeders. Muddy water in a fish tank is dangerous: it makes both fish and plants sick. What to do?
First of all, you should not panic and refuse to breed fish. You can get rid of cloudy water once and for all if you approach the problem thoughtfully and seriously. Let us find out why the water ceases to be transparent.

how do fish sleep?

How do fish sleep?

There is a difference between the state of sleep and wakefulness. An animal in consciousness is characterized by brain activity and awareness. When the body enters sleep, many of its reactions slow down.

Omnivorous fish

Feeding and keeping guppies

Guppies are the most unpretentious fish living in home aquariums. There are countless colors variety of this species, due to the fact that fish of the same color are not averse to interbreeding with an individual that is completely different from it. Male guppies are distinguished by a large, colored, fluffy tail, the color appears earlier than in females. You need to know how to keep and choose the right food for guppies.

What to feed the astronotus

What to feed the astronotus?

Freshwater fish astronotus (or cichlids) are quite large in size and heavy in weight, so their feeding in aquarium conditions should be sufficiently rich and thoughtful. The species diversity available today does not pose any particular difficulties. These fish are not too demanding, and if simple rules are followed, even beginners can successfully keep them, giving preference to either ready-made or live food. In this article, we will analyze what is the best way to feed astronotus.

What to feed guppy fry

What to feed guppy fry?

Guppies are unpretentious small aquarium fish, the simple content of which explains the popularity of the species among both beginners and experienced breeders. An important feature is that they are viviparous – fry are formed in the mother’s abdomen and are born already capable of independent life. One individual can produce from 10 to 100 babies at a time, depending on their age, but then the question of feeding offspring arises. We offer you to figure out how and what to feed guppy fry correctly and what nuances you should pay attention to.

right food for piranha

Best way to choose the right food for piranha

The piranha fish is an amazing creature that has received the role of an unceremonious predatory fish that eats living flesh in a matter of minutes. There are many different videos where these piranhas gnaw the carcasses of animals with their teeth, leaving only skeletons from them. Such a spectacle is mesmerizing and makes many people think about purchasing a specific breed for decorative maintenance in the aquariums.

Feeding Koi Carp Fish

What is the best food for koi carp?

Koi or Japanese carp is a fish of amazing beauty, bright color, medium size, and high resistance to external influences. In the Far East, these fish were launched into backyard fish ponds and watched their variegated movements. Today koi are very popular on fish farms and household ponds. Koi carp food is of particular importance. Therefore, it is important to know what to feed them, since it is the balance of nutrients that allows the inhabitants of the lakes to have a bright and rich color of the scales.