Catfish feeding guide

How to feed aquarium catfish?

Catfish is an amazing fish, which, depending on the species, can weigh up to 200 kilograms, and some aquarium individuals do not exceed two centimeters in length. The uniqueness of pets lies in their resistance to external conditions, which allows them to feel comfortable in the wild both in swamps and in fast-flowing rivers. When placed in an aquarium, catfish become real orderlies, eating all the garbage and food debris for other fish. Consider the features of keeping these pests at home and figure out how to feed the aquarium catfish.

What Does Tech fish eats?

What does tench fish eat in aquariums and ponds?

Tench fish (Tinca) is the representative of the carp family that was once actively bred in our country for commercial purposes. Thanks to its juicy, slightly sweetish meat, it was deservedly considered a royal fish. Today people prefer to fish on it mainly on the shores of natural reservoirs – lakes, reservoirs, river bays – or in a pond in the country. These fish with beautiful small scales are kept in large aquariums just to admire. And in order to breed, and feed the tench fish on a fishing trip, it is important to know when and what tench eats.

How to prepare food for guppies and omnivorous fish?

How to prepare food for guppies and omnivorous fish?

Today you can buy factory feed for the most whimsical fish, of any volume and in a wide variety of forms. But it is often more interesting to make such food with your own hands. For guppies fish, such food will be a welcome delicacy, they will gladly eat it, especially live food, and will not spit it out. In this article, we will tell you how to feed and how to prepare food for guppies fish or any other small omnivorous aquarium fish.