How to feed a pug

How to feed a pug?

Pugs are the oldest dog breed bred in China. They have retained their popularity to this day and is especially loved in our country by connoisseurs of decorative dogs. Many people dream of such a pet, they strive to find out everything about the habits of the animal in advance. Pugs are very loyal to their owner, they try to constantly be closer to him. A caring owner should remember that an active pet is important not only for a variety of leisure activities – walks, games – but also proper, complete, balanced nutrition. How to feed a pug is a rather serious question, it is important to know such features of the breed as sensitive digestion and a tendency to obesity.

Maine Coon cat feeding guide before and after giving birth

Pregnant Maine Coon cat feeding guide

Pregnancy is an important stage in the life of any domestic cat, at this time all body processes are rebuilt. Their course affects the health of both the adult animal itself and the formation of its babies. It is important to create comfortable conditions for your cat in which she will be calm. Proper nutrition during a special period plays an important role, it will depend on how kittens will grow and develop.

Siberian Husky feeding guide

How to feed a husky dog ​​at home?

Husky – hardy dogs with piercing blue eyes, adapted to exist in a harsh harsh climate – can safely live in a house or apartment. In order for a dog to be in good shape, to live a long, happy life, you need to know how to properly care for and what is the best way to feed your husky at home.

Omnivorous fish

Feeding and keeping guppies

Guppies are the most unpretentious fish living in home aquariums. There are countless colors variety of this species, due to the fact that fish of the same color are not averse to interbreeding with an individual that is completely different from it. Male guppies are distinguished by a large, colored, fluffy tail, the color appears earlier than in females. You need to know how to keep and choose the right food for guppies.

How to feed a castrated British cat at home

How to feed a castrated British cat at home?

When a British cat is worried, marks, tears furniture, persistently asks for a cat, the best way out is to castrate the animal. This procedure will save the castrated British cat from torment, and the owner from unnecessary trouble. After the operation, the pet may develop new problems: obesity, urolithiasis, constipation, heart disease. A well-chosen balanced food, suitable for home British cat, will help to save the animal from trouble.

German shepherd feeding guide

How to feed a German shepherd?

The German Shepherd can rightfully be considered a versatile breed. They can be a faithful friend, a good companion, excellent watchdogs, and service dogs, performing many tasks assigned to them. The Germans are smart, easy to learn and trainable, unpretentious in their care. Many people dream of having just such a dog. But before you bring your four-legged friend home, take a responsible approach to this issue. The eating habit of a German Shepherd is the key to a long, healthy life. And although these German dogs are undemanding in food, for a large breed, careful selection of the diet and menu is required, which is quite troublesome and entails considerable costs. The question of how to feed a German shepherd dog is devoted to a mass of special literature, where the schemes of proper feeding are described in detail and there are even recipes for dishes.

What to feed the astronotus

What to feed the astronotus?

Freshwater fish astronotus (or cichlids) are quite large in size and heavy in weight, so their feeding in aquarium conditions should be sufficiently rich and thoughtful. The species diversity available today does not pose any particular difficulties. These fish are not too demanding, and if simple rules are followed, even beginners can successfully keep them, giving preference to either ready-made or live food. In this article, we will analyze what is the best way to feed astronotus.

Scottish Fold cat feeding guide

Scottish Fold cat feeding guide

So that the Scottish Fold cat does not have health problems, pay attention to the diet. Nutrition determines whether the pet will be healthy and cheerful. We will tell you what kind of food is better to feed Scottish Fold cats, whether to give homemade food, how to choose a diet for adult pets and small kittens.

Labrador puppy feeding guide

What to feed a Labrador puppy?

If you become the owner of a Labrador Retriever puppy or are preparing for an imminent arrival at the house of a small inhabitant, it’s time to ask the question – what kind of food is better to feed a Labrador puppy. The baby’s diet is different from that of an adult breed. During growth, the cub needs a lot of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Their lack will cause a lag in the development of the dog.