Cat playing with tinsel

What to do if the cat is full of tinsel?

The most long-awaited magical holiday – New Year will be knocking on the door very soon. Adults and children are looking forward to it, counting the days. It’s nice when pets are nearby with a family expecting New Year’s miracles. But the most dangerous days of the year are coming, which can darken the festive mood of the owners, bring troubles to animals, up to mortal danger. The cat can gorge itself on bright New Year’s decorations (rain or tinsel) from the tree, and then it is important to know what to do in order to help and not harm the pet.

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs or Alabai

What to feed Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd Dog)?

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog (SAO) or Alabai is the largest dog breed with excellent protective and protective qualities. They are distinguished by their large physique, great strength, and an excellent appetite. Asians are unpretentious in food, they rarely have volvulus, and allergic reactions appear. But indulging in food, overfeeding, or not feeding Alabai is impossible: this can lead to pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, cause disruptions in the work of many organs and systems. How to feed the Alabai is a question that worries many owners, who have such a pet in the house. Those who still dream of such a formidable, impressive-looking guard are also interested in nutritional issues.

Catfish feeding guide

How to feed aquarium catfish?

Catfish is an amazing fish, which, depending on the species, can weigh up to 200 kilograms, and some aquarium individuals do not exceed two centimeters in length. The uniqueness of pets lies in their resistance to external conditions, which allows them to feel comfortable in the wild both in swamps and in fast-flowing rivers. When placed in an aquarium, catfish become real orderlies, eating all the garbage and food debris for other fish. Consider the features of keeping these pests at home and figure out how to feed the aquarium catfish.

How to feed a Sphynx cat?

How to feed a Sphynx cat?

The unusual breed of Sphynx leaves no one indifferent: some are shocked by the appearance of a hairless cat, and some are delighted. Without exception, all representatives of the breed are unusual in appearance, they are strong and muscular, have a special head structure. There are several varieties of sphynx cats, but all of them are practically devoid of hair, for which they are called “naked” or “naked cat”. Due to the need to maintain a normal body temperature, Sphynx cats move a lot, and high energy costs determine the love of food. We will find out what and how to feed the sphynx cat correctly, what kind of food is better for them than others.

how to feed a dachshund

The best tip to feed a dachshund

Before buying a dachshund – a small, quick-witted dog of a hunting breed – future owners think about how to raise this short-legged fidget. The question of how to feed the dachshund is also important. This doggie is not capricious in content. But in order for the animal to remain healthy, to have an attractive appearance, you need to know what dachshunds eat and organize proper nutrition. After all, the duration of her life depends on how you feed your pet.

What Does Tech fish eats?

What does tench fish eat in aquariums and ponds?

Tench fish (Tinca) is the representative of the carp family that was once actively bred in our country for commercial purposes. Thanks to its juicy, slightly sweetish meat, it was deservedly considered a royal fish. Today people prefer to fish on it mainly on the shores of natural reservoirs – lakes, reservoirs, river bays – or in a pond in the country. These fish with beautiful small scales are kept in large aquariums just to admire. And in order to breed, and feed the tench fish on a fishing trip, it is important to know when and what tench eats.

Homemade cat food recipe

Homemade cat food recipes and rules

Pet shop counters are full of many types of industrial ready-made professional cat food not homemade. Many of them, especially the line of economy and super-economy class products, can cause irreparable harm to the health of your furry pet.

How to feed a toy terrier at home?

How to feed a toy terrier at home?

Toy fox Terrier is a small mobile dog weighing up to 3 kg. Mini breed representatives barely reach 1.8 kg. Despite their tiny size, fox terriers are courageous guards. They also differ in excellent appetite. Fox terrier is so gluttonous that they seem to be ready to eat more than they themselves weigh. But you shouldn’t follow the lead of a small predator. You can not indulge the whims of the pet, often offering him “snacks” in response to begging. A dog who constantly receives treats will develop digestive disorders, gain excess weight, and get a heart and musculoskeletal problems. Before the dog appears in your house, figure out how to feed the toy fox terrier at home.

How to prepare food for guppies and omnivorous fish?

How to prepare food for guppies and omnivorous fish?

Today you can buy factory feed for the most whimsical fish, of any volume and in a wide variety of forms. But it is often more interesting to make such food with your own hands. For guppies fish, such food will be a welcome delicacy, they will gladly eat it, especially live food, and will not spit it out. In this article, we will tell you how to feed and how to prepare food for guppies fish or any other small omnivorous aquarium fish.