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Feeding and keeping guppies

Guppies are the most unpretentious fish living in home aquariums. There are countless colors variety of this species, due to the fact that fish of the same color are not averse to interbreeding with an individual that is completely different from it. Male guppies are distinguished by a large, colored, fluffy tail, the color appears earlier than in females. You need to know how to keep and choose the right food for guppies.

What to feed guppy fry

What to feed guppy fry?

Guppies are unpretentious small aquarium fish, the simple content of which explains the popularity of the species among both beginners and experienced breeders. An important feature is that they are viviparous – fry are formed in the mother’s abdomen and are born already capable of independent life. One individual can produce from 10 to 100 babies at a time, depending on their age, but then the question of feeding offspring arises. We offer you to figure out how and what to feed guppy fry correctly and what nuances you should pay attention to.

How to prepare food for guppies and omnivorous fish?

How to prepare food for guppies and omnivorous fish?

Today you can buy factory feed for the most whimsical fish, of any volume and in a wide variety of forms. But it is often more interesting to make such food with your own hands. For guppies fish, such food will be a welcome delicacy, they will gladly eat it, especially live food, and will not spit it out. In this article, we will tell you how to feed and how to prepare food for guppies fish or any other small omnivorous aquarium fish.