How to feed a castrated British cat at home

How to feed a castrated British cat at home?

When a British cat is worried, marks, tears furniture, persistently asks for a cat, the best way out is to castrate the animal. This procedure will save the castrated British cat from torment, and the owner from unnecessary trouble. After the operation, the pet may develop new problems: obesity, urolithiasis, constipation, heart disease. A well-chosen balanced food, suitable for home British cat, will help to save the animal from trouble.

Labrador Feeding guide

How to feed a Labrador at home?

Labradors are the most popular breed of family dogs. They are beautiful, smart, noble. They are great companions, lifeguards, watchmen, and wonderful babysitters for children. In order for your dog to live a fulfilling life, be healthy and happy, it is important to provide it with proper nutrition. When wondering how to feed a Labrador at home, you should not think that this animal is unpretentious in food, and can eat the same food as its owners. Leftovers from the master’s table are indispensable.